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timouse15 started this conversation
I am a single Dad of Two. I was a over the road truck Driver intell last Oct when I had to take my kids. Wow that was a shock. My Auntie said come down to FL to help her rebuild some houses she just bought. ( Before I drove a Truck I was a Great Carpenter)  She said the schools was great and she could help me with the kids a little. Well I got here and the schools are bad and the houses are are spendy.The cost of liveing is even worse at least for me. My Auntie ran out of money and I got left holding the bag. Sigh. I went to work right a way but it just is not enough. I lost two days of work two weeks ago because Of my Daughters running around with the wrong people so my Boss said since I missed two days why not make it a week. Gee Wiz.....Now Im really hurting.......Thanks for taking the time in reading this. If anyone knows where I can get some help Please let me know at again...Tim
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